A Good Day of Flying is No Accident  

What we have to offer our members!    

RC ACES welcomes newcomers to the hobby. To make this  easier, we offer pilot training most every Thursday from 3:30 P.M. till dusk during the flying season.
Having a seasoned pilot coach you through your first flights helps get you flying faster and with fewer repairs.

                      We also have "buddy boxes" available

                        to help new pilots develop their skills.

             RC MarketPlace allows members to place ads to

                         SWAP...BUY...or SELL RC items

                               at no cost or commissions.



Club    Pride

                            T- Shirts                              Patch                                     Hats 


                                          All items made to order. Contact Christine for details

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Reminder from your webmaster ---  This is your club  website

 Please help keep it active and up dated by contributing  
   pictures of your aircraft in build stage or at the field flying,
   also if you know of an event of interest happening in our area please send me details.

                                                                                     E-mail: Grampyb@comcast.net